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Blanket Edition

When choosing a blanket, what do you look for? Comfort & practicality? Compact yet large enough to envelop you?
Let me introduce the cotton blanket- machine washable, allergy proof, environmentally friendly & the softest blanket imaginable.
It erases all itchy, confining feelings & replaces them with comfort. The kind of comfort you would want to bring on a picnic, but also keep for movie nights.
Leftover fuzz or pile is no longer an issue! Instead you save time & money on unnecessary dry cleaning , when you simply take it to your very own washing machine. 
Finally the day has come when you can have everything you need in one fold away blanket.

Why you need to own a diamond scarf?

Ever needed an item of clothing for all four seasons? This multipurpose diamond scarf will come to your rescue for all your needs in and around the house.
From needing a luxury winter scarf to wrap yourself up in to a cool summers wrap; keeping the odd blow of wind from ruining that warm summers evening. 
The adaptable scarf can function in any form to suit all your needs. Even through travelling; the scarf offers a light comfortable journey with it's ability to save space easily.
It can also be used to keep that newborn baby smell lasting longer as a baby blanket, and can be wrapped tightly for more warmth on chilly days.
It is a great item to keep in your carrier bag or under the buggy all the time. Because of its generous size, it can be used to cover the buggy from the sun/ wind or can be used as a picnic blanket to lay your baby on whenever you need. The best part is its machine washable so it is washed and cleaned in no time.
With all its many purposes, the scarf can be used in whatever way you need or want it in, making it a perfect birthday or Christmas gift.
I must say there is only one problem with this scarf and that is to decide which colour to buy. :)