Wondering what’s this mysterious yet comforting hammam towels, AKA fouta, peshtemal towel or Turkish towel all about? Read on to know about this striped wonder.

Wonders of Hammam Towels

Hammam towel is a reliable flat woven Turkish towel. It comes with a hand-tied fringe, authentically made with Turkish cotton. Hammam towels are vibrantly colored, fast drying, easily absorbent and a vital element of the lavish Turkish bath (Hammam) experience. These are used as towels, innovative add-ons, decorative throws and packable travel towels.

Washing them is as easy as counting 1 to 3. Just throw them in a cold wash cycle and leave them in the dryer on low-medium heat. The best part is they just get better and softer with each wash.

    Versatility is Their Peculiarity!

    Once you try the traditional Hammam bath towel, you may never use a conventional towel again. Its signature comforting touch and attractive stripes adds to its trendiness. How can we forget that stripes are always in-vogue!

    You can use them in a variety of ways. Use them as bath towels, beach towels, pool towels, spa or gym towels, travel towels, guest towels, the choices are literally endless.

    I make sure I have at least one of the Diamond peshtemal scarvs in my bag during flights. You can rely upon this plushy friends of yours if something spills on you (if you have kids, you know what I mean) or if need an emergency blanket. Its large size is its biggest advantage so is its soft feathery touch.



    Let’s Beach about the Hammams

    You would absolutely love it! Their sheer size and quick drying properties make them perfect for beach visits. It feels like wrapping a bath sheet than a towel. It’s comforting and drapes you elegantly. By the time you reach home, all the sand and wetness is gone. It shakes the sand off like a charm while regular towels drag the sand along. And, that dingy, mildew smell that lingers on is just….ewww. It is very soft and it keeps getting softer with each wash, it’s almost magical.

    Best of all, stack 5 of them in your beach bag and you still have space for your magazine and a few other items. Go for Miami if you want to be spotted on the beach and Ocean if you want to go under the radar.

    Too Pretty to use as a Towel        

    Its gorgeous look, tussles, elegant stripes and detailing makes it too good for a basic towel. JUST LOOK AT THAT MARVEL…. the texture is incredibly soft and its size almost matches a fur blanket. It can be used in modern furnishing and as a throw or add-on to furnishings or recycled as rugs.

    It comes in various sizes and designs which mean it can be used as a tea towel or a hand towel as well as the really huge ones will make a perfect bed spread all year around. I use pom pom tea towels in my cloakroom as a hand towel and it creates an instant wow-factor especially when my guests around.

    Looks like a shawl, works like an All-rounder:

    It’s the Turkish legacy that eschews these attractive towels from becoming just a bathroom fixture. It was originally used in ancient Turkish Hammams and now we know why. It dries out within a jiffy and looks more like a scarf or shawl than just a towel.

    Who would have thought your cotton blanket would make a great table cloth as well. I use my giant diamond blankets as a table cloth regularly. They wash in the machine like a dream (seriously, who has time for dry cleaning?) and look amazing in the dining room too.

    Have Your Very Own Spa Experience at Home:

    If you have a big family then it is even more difficult to keep your towels dry and hygienic all day long. Let Hammam towels come to the rescue.

    I think the regular hammam towel is too thin for my liking during the winter months so I use Classic Towels, they are one side flat woven and other side terry towel. They save a lot of linen closet space and also are not too heavy on the pocket.


    They can be worn as clothing too, not a bad idea at all. NOW that’s one multifunctional piece of cotton isn’t it?


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