Macrame DIY Kits

Macrame DIY Kits

I have always been mesmerised by the beauty and bohemian feel of the macrame. I grew up in a house full of macrame so i was instantly drawn into them when they became popular again few years ago.

However, only recently when we were in total lockdown, it occurred to me that many people would want to learn macrame but it somehow seems very complicated to an "outsider". This was at the same time when I was running out of ideas of entertaining my kids :) so I came up with a DIY macrame feather box to keep my kids busy.

Macrame feather

Macrame feathers are not only easy to make but also super fun to do with kids too. My second DIY box was a macrame keyring which was slightly more difficult but the finished product was so cute and makes a perfect gift to give to anyone who would love to learn more complicated macrame knots.

As these DIY boxes were getting more and more popular I started expanding the range and made boxes for macrame plant hangers, macrame earrings, macrame coasters and so on. The possibilities were endless. As anyone who is into macrame knows, once you start macrame, you want to do more and it's almost an addiction. :)

All our DIY macrame craft boxes made from sustainable materials like the wood from our local forest, our yarn is 100% recycled cotton. We use 100% recycled packaging which are widely recyclable.

You can find my DIY Macrame Boxes in the below link. They each come with a step by step instruction leaflet as well as a video link for those who want to watch it being done,

Here are some of the finished products that you can find on my website.

 If you have any questions about macrame or this article please type your comment below or email me at

Macrame CoasterMacrame Book mark



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