My story

This is a story with an ancient beginning, but one without an end. It is a story of Turkish textiles, my love for craftsmanship, and bringing some of the world's finest linens and soft furnishings to the UK. It is a personal story, but also one that we all share. It is about beauty, passion, and unique textiles that will look stunning in your home. It is about practicality and quality too, but when it comes to handmade Turkish textiles, it is about much more than that. Turkish textiles are also about memories – my childhood – the tablecloth on a birthday party table, the cushion you sit on while playing a family game of charades, the towel you wrap yourself in after a cosy bath on a cold autumn evening...

For me, this story began when I left work to go on maternity leave in January 2015. I had worked in the finance industry for over 10 years, but little did I know that I would not return. Personal circumstances brought me back to my heritage, where I fell in love again with the beautiful peshtemals, towels and textiles from Turkey. These are not the types of items that you find in department stores or supermarkets – mass-produced for maximum profit. Instead, they are made by independent artisan producers who care deeply about their craft. Most of the products are made by hand using traditional designs and production methods. As a result, these small and independent manufacturers are able to produce items with exceptional finishes, exquisite beauty with a unique touch.

The result of that journey is  Here, you will find a similar selection to the one I grew up with in Turkey, including incredibly versatile and absorbent Turkish towels and peshtemals (just as good as terry towels), as well as our big blankets, which are striking additions to sofas or can be used as luxurious bed covers. On the smaller side of things, carefully crafted tea towels in a rainbow of colours are the perfect gift for anyone! Even our Ikat silk cushions are handmade specifically for us, and come in a variety of colours and designs, making them the ideal complement to your home.

Our range of products is constantly expanding, but we will always remain true to our ideals – attractive designs, made using high-quality materials, and carefully crafted by experienced artisans.

I love the products that we sell, and I think that you’ll love them too.

Melisa Jensen