At My Little Wish, we care deeply about our impact on our planet. Therefore, choosing only natural and sustainable materials for our products and packaging is key to our business model


We design, manufacture and pick every single product with the earth in mind.

Our organic skin care are Nordic Ecolabel and Ecocert certified which means the products are met some of the strictest environmental and health requirements in the world.

Our beautiful rugs are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, our brass products are 100% recycled and made by skilful artisans using ancient techniques.

Our slippers are made using 100% pure and natural wool and natural dye.


At My Little Wish, we have eliminated plastic completely from our packaging except the odd parcel that has to have bubble wrap to protect very delicate items (but even that is made from recycled plastic).

Have you received a box looking slightly bruised from us in the last year? That is because we have started reusing cardboard boxes when we can, and by doing so, we have reduced the amount of cardboard boxes by a quarter. That is a lot of boxes avoided by going into recycling!


We make sure we don't use excessive packaging in our boxes. Take our Glerups slippers: they are always packed in a linen bag rather than in a shoe box then in a cardboard box again. We believe that small changes like this will make big differences in the long run. Plus, those shoe boxes we don't send to your homes, we use them every Christmas to pack gifts in at our local church.

At My Little Wish, we encourage our customers to reuse their My Little Wish bags and love seeing them being put into good use. Linen bags are great to store your Glerups slippers or any shoes in wardrobes.