Scandi Boho Bedroom Transformation

Scandi Boho Bedroom Transformation

In the last few years, my bedroom has been through many make-overs but I have to say this is by far my favourite. I've always loved the dreamy, bohemian look but it has never gotten a green light from my extra Scandi Danish husband, as he always thought my inner Hippie style is too clattered for his minimalistic interior taste. I am glad we finally agreed on this gorgeous Scandi - Boho (Or Boho-navian) look!

Project: Scandi - Boho Bedroom Transformation

Objective: To create a cosy, warm but not cluttered bedroom

Official Budget: £0 (Try to use what we have around the house or up-cycle furniture)

Scandi Boho Bedroom TransformationScandi Boho Bedroom TransformationScandi Boho Bedroom Transformation

1 - Neutral Colour Palette

I didn't have bright white walls like most Scandinavian interiors to start with. (Walls are painted F&B Inca Blue and the blue curtains are from Ikea) but the rest of the room was quite neutral. I tried to stick with neutral tones using  organic materials like wood, bamboo and baskets (made from grass). I also added a few plants for a splash of bright green. 

2 - Textures & Layers

I have a slight obsession with sheepskins and I do have quite a few around the house. They bring instant cosiness to any room. I use them on dining chairs and benches, on the sofa in the living room even in the garden in the summer. So I used two small Albanian sheepskins (extra soft, short haired) on each side of the bed on the floor. Ideally this works well on wooden floors but I wasn't going to replace the carpet so I placed them on top (why not?!) And draped one larger taupe Icelandic sheepskin on the bed for good measure.

Scandi Boho Bedroom Transformation  Scandi Boho Bedroom Transformation

I used striped cotton cushions in different sizes as well as a sheepskin cushion for extra texture. As a bed cover I used one of our hand woven herringbone cotton blankets  replacing our thicker more formal bed cover. (who doesn't like a bit of tassel!)

3 - Cosy Lighting 

I think number one rule of creating "Hygge" in your home is to have cosy lighting. Spot lights are a definite no no in Nordic countries. Instead, light up a few candles in jars and lanterns, use a lot of dimmed table lamps around the room instead of one bright light source.

Scandi Boho Bedroom Transformation   Scandi Boho Bedroom Transformation

 4 - De-clutter

I used these wood baskets (they come as set of three) to store some extra blankets and also hair accessories and curling irons etc. What a stylish way of storing every day items like this! The clutter is still there, just perfectly hidden inside the beautiful baskets.

My Ikea Hemnes night stand is mainly used for old books. Once I am done with a book, it moves down to the first drawer, then moves down to the bottom drawer as the space gets tighter in the first one.

Meanwhile, my hand moisturizer, lip balm, various jewelry items and phone will  be scattered on the table looking really messy and honestly really difficult to navigate during the night. If I want to look at the time on my phone I always knock something over. So, quick drilling job on the back of the night stand to pull through my phone charger through the back and the phone can stay inside the drawer during the night without the light and notifications waking me up. I changed the knobs to brass Solange Knobs to give the tables a fresh look, and removed all the books to a book shelf downstairs.

You don't see it on the pictures but I have an old dressing table on the right by the door. I am planning to give it a make over when I have more time. 

 Scandi Boho Bedroom Transformation

Products I used here:

Solange Knobs 

Berber Cushions 

Tonga Baskets 


Storage Baskets 




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