Decorating with Suzani

Decorating with Suzani

Suzani fabrics have grown from being an ancient tradition and type of textile in Central Asia (mainly Uzbekistan) dating back hundreds of years to be a focal point in modern interiors. It is not surprising to see pictures of suzanis decorating beautiful homes on the covers of magazines nowadays. But what are these suzanis and why has the world gone crazy about them?

History of the “Needle” 

The name suzani comes from the Persian word ‘suzan’ or ‘needle’. Suzani usually has a cotton or silk base for its cotton or silk embroidery, and its most common embroidery technique is the chain stitch.

Suzani Cushion Cover

In central Asia, suzanis are given to the groom as a bride’s dowry. Due to the intricate work involved in making them, it is common for the suzani maker (usually the mother of the bride) to sketch the design on to the fabric (this is why we sometimes see pencil marks on the fabric) and divide it among many women in the village or family who helps embroidered them separately. Once complete, it is sewn back together to create one large, decorative piece.

How to decorate your home with suzani?

Suzan Bed Cover

With its bright, colourful flowery motifs, these magical fabrics are hardly subtle and that is what makes them so special and unique.

Using a suzani pillow or cushion covers is the quickest and most beautiful way to add a touch of colour to any room in the house.

For example, use them to liven up a dull sofa, scatter them on a window seat or place them on dining room chairs.

If you are lucky enough to own a bigger suzani piece, why not throw it over a bed with some matching cushions. I promise it will change the whole room instantly.

Scared of mixing patterns? 

I get it. It is not easy when it comes to buying such a bold, colourful decorative item for your house because you are afraid that it won't match with the rest of the furnishing.

So here is a tip: when it comes to mixing colours and patterns, the most important thing to keep in mind is the balance and harmony.

For example, if you are using a very bold pattern, consider using smaller patterns but similar colours to match on the other side of the room. With that said, avoid using too many different patterns all together. Don’t use a very bold wall paper or a colourful rug, if you have lots of other items in the room with strong presence. At the same time, just because you have a bold cushion on the sofa, doesn’t mean that everything else in the room has to be solid and boring.

Suzani chair

Whether you are ready to join the suzani craze yet or not, having just looked through the autumn issues of some of the big home decoration magazines, it looks like these magical fabrics will continue to be used by many interior designers as decorative elements as the years come.




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