DIY Christmas gifts video 1 - Scented Stones

You can make perfect handmade Christmas gifts with scented stones. Not only they are dead easy to make, but they also look beautiful and scents last about 3-4 weeks making them perfect for a house gift or to take with you when you visit friends and family for Christmas.

Here in this video I am making scented stones for Christmas. I got very cute Christmasy silicon moulds that I got from the internet and I use essential oils to make them smell extra festive. You can also use colourings to make them in different colours, simply add the colours at the same time as the essential oil.

To make scented stones, you need:

1- Plaster of paris or equivalent for modelling. You can find this on the internet or hobby shops. I use 2:1 ratio when I make my stones but this is depending on the powder you get. It is sometimes required a little less or more water. 

2- Silicon moulds: There are various shape and types available on the internet.

3 - Essential Oils - I use Christmas Spice mixed with Sweet Orange. You can create your own scent by experimenting with the oils. Cinnamon, Clove, Bay and Rosemary are my other favourites for Christmas.

4 - Ribbons/ Ties to decorate. 

Scented Stones


 I hope you enjoy this video. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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