Care instructions

my little wish fabrics have been designed to look good for a long time. Treat them well and they’ll treat you well, too. 

Each unique product comes with specific care instructions, but these details will help you understand the best way to care for individual fibres.

Peshtemals & Towels

Before initial use we recommend soaking towels in cold water over night and hang to dry. This allows the cotton fibers to bloom and begin to reach its maximum absorbency. Each machine wash will make the towel softer and more absorbent.

Washing in the machine at maximum 40°. Tumble dry low heat or hang to dry. Do not over dry. No bleach or fabric softener.

If threads are snagged and pulled out, simply cut the thread off. This will not damage integrity of your piece.

Tip: if you every over-dry your towels and notice a decrease in absorbency, simply repeat soaking process outlined above.

Why do I need to soak my towels before using them?

Natural cotton needs to be trained to be absorbent. By soaking the towels, you are giving the cotton a jumpstart that is equivalent to repeated washings. After that, each machine wash will make them softer and more absorbent.

Why don’t I need to put fabric conditioner on the towels?

Fabric conditioners actually coat the natural fibers making them less absorbent! Your towels may smell great but over time, you are stopping the fibers from doing their work. Try using dryer balls as a natural alternative to fabric conditioner instead.

 Blankets & Throws

You don't need to soak the blankets or throws before you use if you are not using them as towels. We recommend washing in the machine at  30°. We don’t recommend tumble-drying. If it is preferred for the sake of convenience, we only recommend low-heat tumble-drying. The best practice is to leave your blankets to air-dry on their own. It is much better for the environment as well as for your energy bills.

Our hand- loomed blankets are also machine washable (who has time for hand washing, right?) you can treat them as the normal cotton blankets. 

If threads are snagged and pulled out, simply cut the thread off. This will not damage integrity of your piece.

If your blanket is hand- loomed, that means that a person put great effort into making them. There might be variations in the design and colour but we believe this adds to its uniqueness of your product.

Silk Cushion Covers

We recommend gentle washing at max 30 degrees in the machine and hang out to dry. Low heat ironing.

For Stain Removal

We recommend a solution of baking soda and vinegar rubbed on the stain before washing.

Tip: A capful of white vinegar in the wash will brighten clothes and towels without harsh chemicals!


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