How it all started?

In 1993, Nanny Glerup hand-crafted a pair of slippers using the natural wool from her Gotland sheep in Denmark. So well were the slippers loved by family and friends that Nanny's hobby soon became a small production - two pairs a day!

That was the beginning of Glerups.

When we set up My Little Wish in 2015, we knew instantly that we wanted to add Glerups in our collection as we knew how amazing they are and we wanted to share this with our customers. What is more "hygge" than a pair of cosy slippers after all?

It is not only they are simply the best slippers in the world (yup they are) but the brand values of quality craftsmanship and deep respect for human, nature, and animal are so inline with ours that we are proud to act as loyal representatives of Glerups in the UK.


Firstly, both leather and rubber soles have the same shoe structure and apart from the soles, they are made using the same material so both are extremely comfortable!

Leather Soles

Leather soles are almost weightless, like walking on air, gives bare foot feeling but still gives stability too. Great on carpets, tiles or wood floors. Not so great on slippery surfaces or wet weather.

Rubber Soles

Sturdy, flexible, waterproof and non slip, the rubber soles are made from natural tree rubber (not plastic)and good for indoor and outdoor use. Great if you want to pop outside for a minute and not think about changing your shoes. They are robust and hardwearing but cosy and comfortable too. 

Can't make up your mind? Just chat to us via our Chat Bot, we love talking about Glerups!

Well, it really depends on the personal choice. 

Glerups Boot

Boots are great for cold winter days, covers your ankles so no room for any cold to sneak in. Having said that, they are made of 100% pure wool so it is not only breathable but they also keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Glerups Slip On

If you are after max comfort but least physical effort (like bending down to put them on) then the slip ons are great as they can be easily put on and off. The slip on model has to be snug so definitely measure your foot before buying them as you don't want them to flop. Don't buy a size smaller either as this would cause different issues later on (you will poke a hole in them). If you want a second opinion, just ask us via our Chat Bot, we love helping our customers!

Glerups Shoe

If you are looking for a "house shoe", rather than a slipper, then the shoe model is just the right thing for you. You put them on in the morning and we promise you will forget you are wearing them by noon. Comfy, cosy and stylish!

- We always recommend getting your actual shoe size. So buy a pair of size 9 (or EU 43) if you wear size 9 shoes.

- Always measure your feet and check against the size chart before you buy. It will take you a minute to measure your feet and saves you a lot of time (and carbon footprint) exchanging it later.

- Make sure you measure both of your feet as most often one foot is bigger than the other. If one of your foot is much larger than the other (more than 6 mm), go for the bigger size not smaller.

- If you have wide feet, Glerups are just the perfect slippers for you as the felt will give in and take shape of your foot in time.

- If you have narrow feet, you may feel that there is extra room inside the slippers, then we recommend getting a Glerups insole. This will take up the extra space inside without making it smaller in length. We also recommend the shoe or the boot model as opposed to the slip on for narrow feet, as there is more support in the heel.

If you want a second opinion, just click on the Chat bot on our website, we would be delighted to help you choosing the right size.

Yes, they do stretch in time but only in the width not in the length.

Although Glerups are not a treatment for any of these conditions, they are warm, comfortable and have arch support inside.. We have happy customers who have these conditions who bought Glerups from us before and the feedback was always good.



Glerups started with wool from the family’s own Gotland sheep. Over the years Glerups perfected the wool mix by blending gotland wool with soft quality wool from New Zealand 
farmers. These farmers meet our high standards for consistent quality and humane animal welfare.

Why Wool?

- Keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat

- Absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry

- Protects against odor

- Comfortable and soft to wear – itch-free

- 100% pure natural wool - good for human, nature and animal


Glerups shoes, slippers and boots are known for their exceptional comfort. This is due to the foot-shaped and unique design combined with the softness and warmth of the wool.

The designs are also based on a long tradition of hand felting, which we have transformed into innovative products of highest quality. The craft has been translated into's industrial production where parts of the production are still done manually, since they require a special skill to accomplish. A manual dexterity which cannot be replaced by machines.

Simplicity and optimal use of the attributes of the natural material are the basic elements when developing the product range. Through these we aim for the optimum mix of functionality, beauty and durability. The result can be described in three words: Beautiful - Natural - Warm