Meraki Mini organic zinc cream, 50 ml.
Meraki Mini organic zinc cream, 50 ml.
Meraki Mini organic zinc cream, 50 ml.

Meraki Mini organic zinc cream, 50 ml.

  • Meraki Mini is a range of certified, mild and organic care products for babies and children’s sensitive skin.

    Water-repellent ointment that sooths red skin and diaper rashes. Heals and protects the sensitive skin of babies. Apply a thin layer to clean and dry skin when changing diaper. The cream contains Aloe Vera, shea butter, cocoa butter and almond oil. 

    • Fragrance-free, mild and gentle
    • Can be used from 0 years
    • Designed for the care of babies and children’s sensitive skin
    • Moisturising, hydrating, caring and prevents excessive dryness
    • Contains no perfume and suitable for all skin types

    The Meraki Mini line also include lotion, bath, oil and shampoo.
  • As parents, we love Meraki Mini for it’s gentle and organic ingredients. The products are for you that wants to find a honest option for your child – while also thinking about the environment. All care products have been declared in collaboration with Asthma-Allergy Denmark, The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and organically certified by ECOCERT Cosmos.

  • On the back of each care product you’ll find three certification labels. They ensure that your Meraki Mini product is made with care and consideration.

    The Blue Label from The Danish Asthma and Allergy Association ensures that the risk of allergy is minimized and the products are free from perfume.
    Read more about Asthma-Allergy-Denmark

    The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is only given to products that meet some of the strictest environmental and health requirements in the world.
    Read more about Nordic Ecolabel

    The Ecocert label is your guarantee for a certified organic product that meets strict rules for organic farming and environmentally friendly processes.
    Read more about Ecocert