Cotton Suzani cushion cover, 41 x 45 cm (SU11)

Cotton Suzani cushion cover, 41 x 45 cm (SU11)

  • These one-off cotton embroidered Suzani cushion cover has beautiful bright red, green and blue motifs, it will bring a splash of colour in any room it is in. They are carefully hand embroidered by skilful artisans in Uzbekistan. There is only one or two available in the same design but we have several similar cushions that can be combined.

    One side of the cushion cover is made of cotton embroidery on a light cream coloured background. The reverse side is plain cotton fabric. Measures about 41-45 cm oblong. Due to Suzani covers being handmade, there might be some imperfections, minor sizing difference, and pen marks as the unique patterns are drawn on the silk cover before being embroidered. Please note that the price is for the cushion cover only. We sell inner pads separately.

    Size: 41 x 45 cm

  • We just think that the uniqueness and bright colours makes Suzanis so special and they brighten any room you put them in. Popular motifs include various symbols of hospitality, prosperity and joy, sun and moon disks, flowers, leaves and vines, fruits and occasionally fish and birds. Pomegranates are especially popular.

  • We don't recommend washing or dry cleaning suzani cushions as you risk colours may bleed or the fabric shrinks.