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Miami Hammam Towel - Orange/Turquoise

  • Hammam towels are made with 100 percent cotton so have excellent absorbency. This makes them perfect for a number of uses including as a towel for your bathroom, but it is their versatility that really sets them apart. The Miami hammam towel looks stunning as a scarf, plus the towels are ultra-light. This means they can be used to dry off after getting out of the pool, or to wrap around your body like a sarong. Various colours are available with each towel measuring 100 x 180 cm.

  • Hammam towels have been used in Turkish bathhouses for generations because of its absorbency, high quality finish, and versatility. We love these towels for the same reasons. We think you are only restricted by your imagination - we have used them as a makeshift dress on the beach, as a scarf, and even as a baby blanket. In terms of being an alternative to terry towels they do a great practical job, but they are much more than that because they also look great and are really light.

  •  Before initial use we recommend soaking towels in cold water over night and hang to dry. This allows the cotton fibers to bloom and begin to reach its maximum absorbency. Each machine wash will make the towel softer and more absorbent.

    Washing in the machine at maximum 40°. Tumble dry low heat or hang to dry. Do not over dry. No bleach or fabric softener.

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